Friday, August 13, 2010

open your eyes

If i may end up writing this blog excellently , don't blame me of taking some extensive training on blogging skills, its the time when i have decided to write my first blog after years of thinking bout it , n its only me n mehernosh musa ( my college friend) would know that i am not in the write frame of mind to do so.but yet i might give a shot and let out whatever best comes out of my twisted mind.

its tough to decide what to write , soooooo.......i think i should first just explain why it is so tough.....n lets lets discuss my current state.....i do not know how interesting it would be......but then i think it'll be fine to talk about " extended hangovers" ......ohh yes....rum isn't an easy thing to digest....that fat looking bottle can be so disguised in just makes yo love it during the night....but its only in the morning u know she isn't the right partner....." heyy carefully , am talking about rum not your wife..... '

hangovers are the worst phases in life.....and unlike other bad phases  you rarely learn from them..... morning blues aren't just blue....its red, pink , green and white....its everything but not right....head so heavy and sunlight so mean.....what might make u happy is at least the basin is clean.....

I've been a hotelier for most part of my working life , and one thing that hoteliers are thorough professionals to how to manage hangovers at work.....its simple...stay away from work.

I know by now, many of you are reading and realizing a connect to my feeling.... a feeling of discomfort...a feeling of saying no to alcohol..every 5 minutes.....( knowing that it wont listen) , a feeling of just waiting to be okkeyy....and comforting yourself by saying it'll fine by the end of the day.....but only when you don't get over it by 12 in the feel the guilt and blog about it....

so what is the solution?....single malts are not....they are smooth as honey....but who has got that money.....
drinking a peg or two less is not.....coz even 10 would coz as much damage as 12 and half.....
quitting is not the word....losers quit...i learnt somewhere.....

so whats the win-win situation.....who doesn't like to get "tulli"....its such a heavenly feel......( aunties n mummies wont know off course) ..... provided you don't end up fighting with your GF  at night...... worse not  remembering the same in the morning..... 

I hope pharmacy should have an answer....pharma can correct so many different mistakes in life..... like premature ejaculation  and even the miscalculated ones..then why not we have a medicine which once taken can get your mind set and ready to work like nothing happened ..... i hope one day we'll have a pill like that....we can call it no....m sorry...( gosh dirty mind )...we'll call it a dry-pill ( dedicating to dry-days ) 

but till the time dry-pills hits the market...what should we do bout this insane problem me and you have to deal with.....why do we suffer the whole day for having fun for few hours....its totally rightful to enjoy to the hilt ....then why god becomes a leveller here and make us go through such torrid time....

I want no blames that i write so well.....i do not .....coz i might not know well to concise my words ...and bore you with my alcoholic thoughts...i haven't even discussed the conclusion to this issue....cause my mind really cant think of one....thereS definitely lot of blood in my alcohol....i mean alcohol in my blood....and though it might be read as funny...m not laughing at any jokes i am cracking.....all m doing is counting on the single cigarette stick left with me .....hoping it might just help me relax and sleep....i might need your help to device a way for we " bigde hue bache" ( spoilt kids) in order to overcome this trouble...and drink happily ever after.....

so post your views and help this cause.....( this blog is issued in public interest)

Cheers ......

Public Disclaimer : Kindly do not take inspiration from such articles. I am not promoting drinking or smoking. Any individual going on the track of alcoholism getting inspired from such a blog would do that entirely on his own discretion. 

P.S : Drinking is injurious to health....yeah yeah...even smoking.


  1. ...well writing someting in such "dire" state of mind really interesting..n the best ideas come whenever anyone....anywhere in dire state of mind :)

    I enjoyed reading it ... thoroughly .. n . laughed out aloud .. ha ha...
    Expect much more cccraazyy ones .. !! U write quite well !

  2. craaazzzzyyyyyyyy
    writee moreee

  3. thanx a lot aqua....m glad you liked what i write.... i love to laugh and make ppl laugh....hence m feeling a bit satisfied with my frist piece of writing...theres surely more to come...this time in a a better state of

  4. Happy to see you write (and in many places right)
    But wouldn’t mind if the subject is lite….
    Smoking & alcohol you need to quit
    And make people laugh only with your wit


  5. hahah great post .... keep writing

  6. @ Pratibha gupta : i am learning to do so.... its saturday drinking for me sitting at home and writing..i hope i deserve kudos for that....thanx for ur wishes ... :)

  7. i know the feeling ,as u know i was hotelier too,but bad habits like smoking n drinking will just make ur health go bad ...but i liked it n yes do keep writing n be a good boy....

  8. i like the humor...and the rhyme is fun ...ur on the right track!