Saturday, August 14, 2010

what would Gandhi be thinking?

Unlike my previous blog , this time i want to write something for masses not classes. and what would be a better time and topic to write on , than to write and discuss our independent India's 63rd anniversary. first of all i would like to thank and pay my regards and respect to all those who worked their hard lives for India's independence and to take India where it is today. we seldom forget your efforts , but deep down i am certain than each one of us who call themselves Indians deeply owe our free air to you. free air not unpolluted guys..

one of the very first question that strikes my mind today and always when i think about our country and its achievements , i always question myself, what would Gandhi ( Mahatma Gandhi ) be thinking ? have we met his projections. are we as per the blue prints he made , are we up to his expectations , have we met our targets , are we getting incentivized or our we lagging below our basic KRA's .....?

Tough question...isn't it ? i have no doubts that India is the next economical superpower. India is the second fastest emerging market in the world. and first if we don't discount unethical practices.( my Chinese phone just don't get switched on Maan....) there are no doubts to the kind of waves India has created across the globe. and that India is looked on as a better place to live than ever before considering the growth of its high end cities , their infrastructure , roads ( minus the traffic) , pretty gurlz , watering holes ( m not deviating from the topic ) , watering holes means pubs and restaurants not holes filled with water. ( shiela dixit zindabad)

but over and above these mighty developments and the continuous growth of our country. we have really forgotten what our heroes of yesteryears , people who planned and executed our country's vision , constitution and the ones whom i owed our free air at the beginning must be thinking at this moment. would they be smiling and playing around in heaven or would they just be wandering around our very land right now. stopping one and all from deviating from the part of righteousness. stopping without success from the acts we shouldn't be doing. its really worth a thought.

we all saw this hilarious film acted and directed by my favourite people in bollywood called " lage raho munna bhai ". an observation that i believe can be true is that Gandhiji is around us. he dint get to go to moksha. he's here stopping us from the acts we shouldn't be doing. he's shouting out aloud. " get well soon" " get well soon " ..... problem is that we are hearing it as " get rich soon" "get rich soon"  ....and our current political leaders never say no to Gandhi. Neither do our prime minister . ( Sonia Gandhi in his case)

There are simpler issues to be looked at. if we are really rich. just ask every person , is this rich country happy? or only the rich are happy? is our growth  quantified by how much did Ambani's earned? or we even look at as to how many of us really earn ? are we gonna just focus on where do our citizens eat ? or we should also consider whether all our citizen eats? it disappointing. trust me India is still very very poor. rather one of the poorest country in the world.

I hope you did not hate the last paragraph, especially me calling our country poor.does it not me it hurts a lot. i haven't got the chance to watch the movie called peepli ( live) but i did get to read an article explaining the core focus of the movie ( apart from earning big profits). is it the state? ohh yes , we all know , from our PM to our ministers , from north block to south block , from rural minister to the urban minister. leaving aside , malawati ... i mean mayawati ...everybody is aware that our rural people our struggling and have no money , food , water , electricity or at least do not have the means to earn them. and how would they have this in their lives. its sounds a distant plan. an ever diminishing distant plan. a never executed ever diminishing distant plan . or rather its just a plan.

i just cant stop myself from discussing briefly about this golden girl of India. a girl who grew up from slums and never went back there( leaving aside the election campaigns), a girl who promises she'll finish poverty ( by finishing the poors.. literally) , i promised I'll discuss in brief , Ms.Mayawati , our dalit heroine , our very own hema malini.she is crazzzyy. how can on this earth , she can spend millions on unproductive sculptures. how can she do this ( i am agonised ) ... howw cannn sheeee.....????  she if is made the prime minister of India , she would bring sovereign debt to India. and we all would be going to our offices on beautiful marbled elaphants. god forbid my thought.she's the one who causes Gandhi to work extra hours every day. I'll help bapu here ,  i wish her " get well soon " i hope she hears me right.

i should really give up my agony now , and get more subtle....cause i believe its not all thats wrong. its really nice at some fronts, in fact its amazing. i really love my life and the way we are being able to live in our cities barring the roads after rain and our personal lives troubles. we can't really blame our government much for that. they've done plenty for us and are still doing. Good education. good cars to travel ( not mine though) , availability of petrol as well,  forget the prices. we have TVs to watch , computers to play ( farmville , fishville , yo ville , woh-ville n all that) ..we also have crazy restaurants to go....with extended happy hours...ohh...our lives are a blessing. but it soon won't be.

My assumption says that in 2030..  it'll take me an hour to go buy bread from the nearest store. n its very near.... i would have to struggle to walk every step and would have a personal horn beeping " mbha sahab hatna" " bhai sahab hatna " ( ha ha ha...ohh yes this makes me laugh ) ..... n it'll be the result of what is being done right now. if we don't help our rural population. they would walk down to cities at faster rate in order to earn their own bread. our cities would look like a post war refugee camp. ( everyone at one place) ...its dreadful.... metro project would fail.....people would travel sitting over the metro.....ha ha ha...just imagine....hearing " doors will open on your left and biharis would jump on your head" ( no offence to biharis)... ( my middle finger to politicians) .... it would be chaos to say the least.... people would have to grow their rice in their own backyard as the farmers would be driving their cars. My worry is that i know shit about farming.

I hope my feel is conveyed to you and the message too. i said in my previous blog that i do not write well and hence cannot concise my words. i am just reminding myself on time or else i would be wrtiing all night long.

Over and above everything I said . I really feel proud of my countrymen.( that exclude politicians) . ours is an amazing country we are a perfect example of unity in diversity. we our a country where i pray for you and you pray for me. at least in the times of trouble. our love for our country is immense. we take pride in every bit of our land. and every martyr of our soil. that's all the reason i sounded worrisome during this whole blog. its my love for you and family. its my love for my neighbour and for my neighbour's daughter as well ( he he know me well now ..don't )

jokes apart. why i am emphasing on this is because i want to remind you of the time not too long ago. when we went through the most horrifc scenes  of our lives. we were attacked , our souls were raped and our brothers and sisters were killed. we can never forget that. but i feel proud to inform you all,  that though we can never forget the pains we suffered from,  during and after the Taj attack , our iconic taj mahal palace and towers,  mumbai and its wrecked heritage wing is ready for a re launch. and its beautiful as ever. i congratulate Taj , and all Its employees , past and present. and i congratulate each and every indian who takes pride in our country.


Jai Hind .

Friday, August 13, 2010

open your eyes

If i may end up writing this blog excellently , don't blame me of taking some extensive training on blogging skills, its the time when i have decided to write my first blog after years of thinking bout it , n its only me n mehernosh musa ( my college friend) would know that i am not in the write frame of mind to do so.but yet i might give a shot and let out whatever best comes out of my twisted mind.

its tough to decide what to write , soooooo.......i think i should first just explain why it is so tough.....n lets lets discuss my current state.....i do not know how interesting it would be......but then i think it'll be fine to talk about " extended hangovers" ......ohh yes....rum isn't an easy thing to digest....that fat looking bottle can be so disguised in just makes yo love it during the night....but its only in the morning u know she isn't the right partner....." heyy carefully , am talking about rum not your wife..... '

hangovers are the worst phases in life.....and unlike other bad phases  you rarely learn from them..... morning blues aren't just blue....its red, pink , green and white....its everything but not right....head so heavy and sunlight so mean.....what might make u happy is at least the basin is clean.....

I've been a hotelier for most part of my working life , and one thing that hoteliers are thorough professionals to how to manage hangovers at work.....its simple...stay away from work.

I know by now, many of you are reading and realizing a connect to my feeling.... a feeling of discomfort...a feeling of saying no to alcohol..every 5 minutes.....( knowing that it wont listen) , a feeling of just waiting to be okkeyy....and comforting yourself by saying it'll fine by the end of the day.....but only when you don't get over it by 12 in the feel the guilt and blog about it....

so what is the solution?....single malts are not....they are smooth as honey....but who has got that money.....
drinking a peg or two less is not.....coz even 10 would coz as much damage as 12 and half.....
quitting is not the word....losers quit...i learnt somewhere.....

so whats the win-win situation.....who doesn't like to get "tulli"....its such a heavenly feel......( aunties n mummies wont know off course) ..... provided you don't end up fighting with your GF  at night...... worse not  remembering the same in the morning..... 

I hope pharmacy should have an answer....pharma can correct so many different mistakes in life..... like premature ejaculation  and even the miscalculated ones..then why not we have a medicine which once taken can get your mind set and ready to work like nothing happened ..... i hope one day we'll have a pill like that....we can call it no....m sorry...( gosh dirty mind )...we'll call it a dry-pill ( dedicating to dry-days ) 

but till the time dry-pills hits the market...what should we do bout this insane problem me and you have to deal with.....why do we suffer the whole day for having fun for few hours....its totally rightful to enjoy to the hilt ....then why god becomes a leveller here and make us go through such torrid time....

I want no blames that i write so well.....i do not .....coz i might not know well to concise my words ...and bore you with my alcoholic thoughts...i haven't even discussed the conclusion to this issue....cause my mind really cant think of one....thereS definitely lot of blood in my alcohol....i mean alcohol in my blood....and though it might be read as funny...m not laughing at any jokes i am cracking.....all m doing is counting on the single cigarette stick left with me .....hoping it might just help me relax and sleep....i might need your help to device a way for we " bigde hue bache" ( spoilt kids) in order to overcome this trouble...and drink happily ever after.....

so post your views and help this cause.....( this blog is issued in public interest)

Cheers ......

Public Disclaimer : Kindly do not take inspiration from such articles. I am not promoting drinking or smoking. Any individual going on the track of alcoholism getting inspired from such a blog would do that entirely on his own discretion. 

P.S : Drinking is injurious to health....yeah yeah...even smoking.